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High Efficiency Ripening Device

High Efficiency Ripening Device

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Main Features:

1.Unique steam inlet ensures that the amount of steam added matches the gradient of material temperature rise, guarantees that the material absorbs steam sufficiently and quickly, is not easyto produce condensatewater, no steam leakage,so as to avoid the carbonization on material surfacecaused by direct large amount of steam addition.
2.Increase the volume of quenching and tempering shaft, avoid material in the circumferential movement dueto centrifugal action around the shaft can not 
be thrown away, and ensure that all materials can be in good contact with steam.
3.Full open door structure, easy to adjust the blade angle; fan blade, ensure high filling coefficient of material in the ripening cylinder.

Technical Parameter:

ModelCylinder l.D(mm)Effective Length(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)


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